Q. What kind of books are sold at the fair?
A. All our books are pre-sorted into categories including Paperback, Hardback, Technical, Cooking, Gardening, Health, Educational Text, Militaria, New Zealand, Language, Religion, Sports, Specials, Humour, Royals, Children’s, Travel and Animals/Nature – and more!

Q. Does the fair sell anything other than books?
A. Yes! The fair also sells CD’s, DVD’s, records, jigsaw puzzles, magazines (less than 2 years old) and comics.

Q. Is there parking at the Barfoot Stadium?
A. Yes, there is plenty of parking at the Barfoot Stadium and at neighbouring Selwyn College.

Q. Are there EFTPOS facilities at the fair?
A. Yes, EFTPOS facilities are available.

Q. Where does the money raised at the fair go to?
A. Profits from the fair are divided up between the Tamaki and New Lynn Lions Club, the East City Community Trust, and a number of local and school sports clubs in addition to providing subsidised books for children both here in NZ and internationally.

Q. Can I donate my second hand books to the fair?
A. Please do! We accept donations of second hand books throughout the year. See the “Drop Off Sites” page for where you can drop your books off. Please, no second-hand library books, encyclopedia’s or magazines older than 2 years

Q. Is there food at the fair?
A. Yes, we have volunteers running a sausage sizzle outside the stadium during the fair, we have bake sales and coffee!

Q. Can my books be picked up?

A. Unfortunately we are not in a position to pick books up as we do not have the ability. However we are always looking for volunteers that may be able to assist with this.


  1. Hi there.
    I just wanted to double check the open hours for Saturday’s book fair. The website states that it is open from 6am to 2am, and I just wanted to make sure that this is correct, and the fair does not in fact close at 2pm.
    Thank you.


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